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Blazers and Vests

Blazers and Vests

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Regular Blazer Heavy Wool Adjustable - navyRegular Blazer Heavy Wool Adjustable - navy
Regular Blazer Wool- dark grey stripeRegular Blazer Wool- dark grey stripe
Regular Blazer Heavy Wool - light grey checkRegular Blazer Heavy Wool - light grey check
Hourglass Blazer Wool- navyHourglass Blazer Wool- navy
Hourglass Blazer Wool- navy Sale priceFrom 3 500 kr
Regular Blazer - checkRegular Blazer - check
Regular Blazer - check Sale price3 500 kr
Regular Blazer Heavy Wool - Grey checkRegular Blazer Heavy Wool - Grey check
Regular Blazer Heavy Wool- navyRegular Blazer Heavy Wool- navy
Regular Blazer Heavy Wool- blue/green checkRegular Blazer Heavy Wool- blue/green check
Regular Vest - brownRegular Vest - brown
Regular Vest - brown Sale price2 500 kr
Collarless Blazer Regular - grey pinstripeCollarless Blazer Regular - grey pinstripe
Collarless Blazer Sharp- grey glencheckCollarless Blazer Sharp- grey glencheck
Cropped Blazer Sharp- dark greyCropped Blazer Sharp- dark grey
Cropped Blazer Regular- brown stripeCropped Blazer Regular- brown stripe
Sold outHourglass Vest - checkHourglass Vest - check
Hourglass Vest - check Sale price2 500 kr
Sold outDouble Breasted Blazer- dark greyDouble Breasted Blazer- dark grey
Hourglass Blazer Wool- dark greyHourglass Blazer Wool- dark grey
Hourglass Blazer Heavy Wool - blue checkHourglass Blazer Heavy Wool - blue check