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Gemme collective uses vintage, pre-loved fur in its collections as part of its commitment to create high-quality, durable garments from recycled materials. We believe in repurposing resources and honoring the craftsmanship behind these garments rather than discarding them. Sustainability, to us, means extending the life of clothing.  

A sustainable garment is one which is used many times, for a long time. Today, the average life-cycle of a garment in Sweden is approximately 2.3 year. In comparison, real fur is a uniquely durable and functional material – if well taken care of, a fur coat will keep you warm for decades.   

Gemme Collective condemn the production and consumption of new fur products. Additionally to consider, faux-fur is often made from petrol-based non-biodegradable materials like acrylics, which have a big environmental impact both in terms of fossil fuel emissions and waste pollution.   

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Sold outFur Vest - brownFur Vest - brown
Fur Vest - brown Sale price4 500 kr
Fur Chaps- brownFur Chaps- brown
Fur Chaps- brown Sale price3 500 kr
Fur Scarf Large- dark brown
Fur Scarf Large- dark brown Sale price3 000 kr