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About Gemme Collective

A passion project, a fashion collective, a circular experiment - Gemme Collective is all those things.

After working a combined 30+ years in the fashion industry we know the challenges the industry is facing, and the efforts that are made all around the world to improve fashion’s impact on the environment.

Gemme Collective is our contribution to that cause.

We believe that the way forward is to use what is already out there.  To us circularity is the ability to recycle and to regenerate materials that already exist.

Gemme Collective includes a number of things such as, upcycled collections, pre-loved luxury for sale and for rent, made-to-measure services, as well as local micro production in the center of Stockholm. By producing locally, we can support our community and use fewer resources overall.

What if we could create a 100% circular wardrobe for you! That’s our mission and vision, and we will do everything we can to move closer to it.

Manufacture locally, conserve resources, minimize waste.


Sanja and Clara