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Using vintage leather is respecting the material and its origin. By rediscovering overlooked or discarded leather items, we breathe new life into their value. Choosing upcycled vintage leather pieces signifies more than just a fashion statement; it's a gesture towards our ecosystem. Every item honors the past and influences responsible choices for what comes next.   We belive that if it is already exists, it should be used.  

Note!  Gemme Collective condemns the production and consumption of new leather products. Additionally to consider, synthetic leather is often made from petroleum-based non-biodegradable materials, which have a significant environmental impact in terms of fossil fuel emissions and waste pollution. 


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Sold outLeather Biker Jacket - blackLeather Biker Jacket - black
Leather Biker Jacket - black Sale price5 000 kr
Leather Skirt Short - blackLeather Skirt Short - black
Leather Skirt Short - black Sale price2 300 kr
Leather Jacket Short - blackLeather Jacket Short - black
Leather Jacket Short - black Sale price4 000 kr
Sold outLeather Coat Collarless- dark brownLeather Coat Collarless- dark brown
Leather Jacket Long- blackLeather Jacket Long- black
Leather Jacket Long- black Sale price6 000 kr
Leather Top- blueLeather Top- blue
Leather Top- blue Sale price2 000 kr
Leather Coat Collarless- blackLeather Coat Collarless- black
Leather Jacket Short - brownLeather Jacket Short - brown
Leather Jacket Short - brown Sale price4 000 kr
Leather Top- beigeLeather Top- beige
Leather Top- beige Sale price2 000 kr
Leather Top- blackLeather Top- black
Leather Top- black Sale price2 300 kr
Leather Skirt Short- blueLeather Skirt Short- blue
Leather Skirt Short- blue Sale price2 300 kr
Sold outLeather Skirt Mid Length w zipper - blackLeather Skirt Mid Length w zipper - black