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Upcycled Collections

Our upcycled drops are made from leftover items or textile waste. The items and materials are sourced in Europe, as close as possible. We choose materials of high quality that we know are durable enough to last another 10-20 years of wear. The garments are redesigned and remade locally in our micro factory in central Stockholm.

Every garment is unique and in one size only, and there is no other copy of it.

Left over fabric


Our deadstock collections are made from leftover fabric from other brands and companies. Instead of letting excess fabric go to waste we try to create something with longevity in mind.

We always choose materials that are pure and durable and with lowest possible impact on environment. When using deadstock, depending on the amount of fabric, we can make smaller series of each garment. That means more than one size of each garment, but still a very limited production run.

Local production


By producing locally, we can support our community and use less resources.  Our micro factory is located in the center of Stockholm, at the same place as our office and our warehouse.  That means no excess shipping, no lead-times, and a flexible way of working. This ensures minimized impact and zero overproduction. Please read more about the set-up and about the people working there, here.



We believe that fashion is all about the fit. The difference between a blazer and a blazer customized to you is... well, if you know you know. 

We offer different types of customization services, to find out more please read here


For Rent

Did you know that the average garment is only used 7 times*! 

In order to contribute to increasing that number we will also offer selected garments and accessories for rent. Why own something that you only want to use for a special occasion, right? If you are interested in rening any of our pieces just reach out to

 *Source: Mckinsey Fashion and Business of Fashion, state of the fashion industry 2021