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For Rent

For Rent

Here you find our current selection of garments and accessories that is possible to rent. Did you know that the average garment is only used 7 times? By renting instead of buying you can help us increase average use and also minimize your environmental footprint.  And doing it while looking good to. Here is how it works.

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Fur Scarf Large- dark brownFur Scarf Large- dark brown
Fur Scarf Large- dark brown Sale price3 000 kr
Margiela MM Fur Tote- Off whiteMargiela MM Fur Tote- Off white
Fur Coat Long- brownFur Coat Long- brown
Fur Coat Long- brown Sale price9 800 kr
Sold outFur Jacket Short- dark brownFur Jacket Short- dark brown
Fur Jacket Short- dark brown Sale price7 000 kr
Fur Chaps- brownFur Chaps- brown
Fur Chaps- brown Sale price3 500 kr
Sold outPrada Nylon Bag- blackPrada Nylon Bag- black
Prada Nylon Bag- black Sale price6 000 kr
Bag Pony Hair- blackBag Pony Hair- black
Bag Pony Hair- black Sale price2 900 kr
Louis Vuitton Ankle Boots- monogramLouis Vuitton Ankle Boots- monogram
Bottega Veneta Micro Pouch-blackBottega Veneta Micro Pouch-black
Loewe Paseo Leather Bag- blackLoewe Paseo Leather Bag- black
Lanvin Leather Bag- blackLanvin Leather Bag- black
Lanvin Leather Bag- black Sale price4 900 kr
Balenciaga Everyday Leather ToteBalenciaga Everyday Leather Tote
Sold outBottega Veneta Cassette Bag- black/parakeetBottega Veneta Cassette Bag- black/parakeet
Fendi Mom Zucca Baguette BagFendi Mom Zucca Baguette Bag
Fendi Mom Zucca Baguette Bag Sale price8 500 kr
Fendi FF bucketFendi FF bucket
Fendi FF bucket Sale price9 500 kr
Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote MMLouis Vuitton Neverfull Tote MM
Gucci Jackie Bag- blackGucci Jackie Bag- black
Gucci Jackie Bag- black Sale price5 600 kr